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A gentle and soft care, a comfortable support during sleep - you will melt with pleasure every time you rest your head on this pillow. Thanks to its unique filling material Aerelle Soft Flex® (Advansa) with adaptive effect, this pillow has a soft embracing effect and is able to adapt to the shape of your head and shoulders. The elastic fibers of the filler reshape the pillow easily. The velvet surface of the pillow cover fabric with a peach skin effect provide the product with additional softness and delicacy.
  • Super Soft подушка
  • Super Soft подушка
  • Super Soft подушка


Size RU 50х70 cm
70х70 cm
Size FR 50х70 cm
65х65 cm
Size DE 40х80 cm
80х80 cm
Degree of support Medium Firm
Cover Microfibre
100% polyester
Cover filling Aerelle® Soft Flex