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You aspire to live in comfort and try to surround yourself with high-quality things providing you with coziness and a feeling of tranquility... Who can help you achieve such soul harmony in your home? Certainly that is the one who understands you and shares your desires!

Choose MOYЁ - a brand of home textiles and share our appreciation for sleep goods of high quality with a good aesthetic appearance at a reasonable price. We believe that you, our target customers, are like-minded people. That is why we apply to our products the same requirements as each of you do. We thoroughly select materials and fabrics, develop a careful design of all the parts of our products and choose the best solutions for ideal comfort so that everyone can say, “Yes, it has been done for me, it’s mine!”

We sew only what we like ourselves, what gives us inspiration and drive. We are motivated by our desire to create beauty and to develop constantly.

My inspiration, my creative work, my favorite items from the brand MOYЁ

All MOYЁ products are manufactured in our own modern production facilities. The manufacturing cycle of all processes - from the production of fibers through the output of finished products - enables us to completely control the quality of our products. The Company has implemented the system Lean Production. The factory has been equipped with high-technology equipment produced by such well-known manufacturers as MASIAS (Spain) -production of pillows, and Mammut (Germany) - production of duvets.

The unchanging principles of our work such as mandatory quality control at every stage of production, adherence to the most modern trends in textile design, and development of our own trademark style allowing our products to be recognizable, demanded and highly appreciated by customers.

Our values:

Passion for work



High sense of responsibility