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Flax is an invaluable gift of nature known to man for more than 9,000 years. Our Linen pillows with a high content of flax fibers are intended for healthy lifestyle followers, for those who wishes to feel the energy and healing power of nature. Flax will take care of you during your sleep: this material contributes to strengthening the nervous system and normalizing sleep. At that, linen fabrics are very durable and flax fibers are highly breathable: they have the ability to pass air and to regulate body temperature naturally. These products will cool you off in summer and warm you in winter.
  • Linen одеяло
  • Linen одеяло
  • Linen одеяло


Size RU 150х210 cm
180х210 cm
220х200 cm
Size FR 140х200 cm
200х200 cm
240х220 cm
260х240 cm
Size DE 135х200 cm
155х220 cm
200х200 cm
200х220 cm
Warmness LIGHT 150 g/m²
ALL-SEASON 200 g/m²
WARM 300 g/m²
Cover 50% Linen
50% Cotton
Filling 60% Linen
40% Synthetic fiber

  • Linen подушка
  • Linen подушка


Size RU 50х70 cm
70х70 cm
Size FR 50х70 cm
65х65 cm
Size DE 40х80 cm
80х80 cm
Degree of support Medium Firm
Cover fabric composition 50% Linen
50% Cotton
Cover filling 60% Linen
40% Synthetic fiber
Filling 100% synthetic fiber