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MOYЁ. SMARTЕX – modern technologies on my side!

Nowadays, it is no longer enough for us that our duvet is merely warm and our pillow is merely comfortable. We want much more! We need individual comfort and a unique solution for healthy rest. Modern technologies used in the manufacture of duvets and pillows are ready to provide us with them...

MOYЁ. SMARTЕX Collection includes the best that can be offered now: innovative fabrics, filling materials having various thermoregulatory characteristics. You are guaranteed the solution that is ideal for you!


MOYЁ. Natura is the best gift of nature!

Cotton, flax, wool, and silk are natural materials that make our lives natural and harmonious. Duvets and pillows stuffed with natural fillers represent the ideal of home warmth and coziness, your care for yourself and your loved ones. MOYЁ.Natura Collection means the quality you feel from the very first moment you touch these products as well as luxurious feeling of warm and delicate embrace of nature. Do not deny yourself your cozy home happiness.