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A deep sleep and a comfortable awakening, mind and body wellness and positivity can be easily achieved with Antistress pillows and duvets. We manufacture them using Hollofil ACTIVE®, Advansa’s innovative fibers specially developed for active people who need extensive restoration after a busy day or physical exertion. The thermo-regulatory effect of fine micro-fibers ensures the optimal temperature for your sleep and relaxation.

The fabric for pillow and duvet covers is manufactured with addition of carbon threads thus reducing static electricity accumulated during the day and relieving muscle tension.

  • Antistress одеяло
  • Antistress одеяло


Size RU 150х210 cm
180х210 cm
220х200 cm
Size FR 140х200 cm
200х200 cm
240х220 cm
260х240 cm
Size DE 135х200 cm
155х220 cm
200х200 cm
200х220 cm
Warmness LIGHT 150 g/m²
ALL-SEASON 200 g/m²
WARM 300 g/m²
VERY WARM 400 g/m²
Cover Microfibre with carbon fiber thread
with "peach skin" effect
100% polyester
Filling Dacron® Hollofil® Active (100% polyester)

  • Antistress подушка
  • Antsitress подушка
  • Antistress подушка


Size RU 50х70 cm
70х70 cm
Size FR 50х70 cm
65х65 cm
Size DE 40х80 cm
80х80 cm
Degree of support Soft
Cover "Microfibre with carbon fiber thread
with ""peach skin"" effect
100% polyester
Cover filling
Filling Dacron® Hollofil® Active (100% polyester)